Decorative Papers

A fine selection of decorative Italian paper available in size 70 x 100 cm (28  x 40″) e 50 x 70 cm (20 x 28″).
Superbly printed on first quality sheets of 85 gsm with special techniques, this wide range of decorative papers was inspired by traditional Florentine designs …
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Classica Italiana

The Classica Italiana collection includes a large selection of writing paper and cards that are suitable for any kind of correspondence because of their simplicity and elegance.
Produced with first quality paper with high cotton …
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Classica Italiana Letterpress

The entire collection is made with traditional printing press.
These unique italian designs, dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth century, are printed on high quality soft paper…
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Social Stationery

Fine selection of cards with deckled edge.
The feathery edge is the result of sheets being naturally and carefully torn.
Recommended for all writing applications as well as letterpress printing and engraving…
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AD 1404 Charta Italica

Cards and envelopes produced on cylinder mould machine, 100% high alpha cellulose, neutral pH, excellent for all writing , printing and engraving applications. The texture is obtained with a “Corona” felt, exclusive design of Cartiera Magnani for Rossi 1931.

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Création de Paris

Beautiful “Art Deco” style boxes containing deckled cards and lined envelopes.
Eighteen fantastic stunning colors suitable for any occasion.
Luxurious stationery is the perfect canvas for …
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Notebooks and more

Some of our most successful papers have been selected to cover our notebook collection, ranging from hardcover to softcover, with or without elastic closure, all with lined pages and in some cases covered with our very special letterpress paper…
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The Holiday cards, gift tags and place cards collection includes a large range of distinctive and original patterns.
Just find the right match for your greetings!
Produced with first quality papers, this selection is …
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Corporate and Private Label

Rossi’s design office has several years of experience and a solid know-how for what regards developing private label products and this is not limited to paper!
Our designs, part of the private Rossi archives which consist of thousands of traditional, vintage and 
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